Francesco Antonio Bonporti

In 2005 Indiana University Press published this composer’s complete works in a single volume, which includes a monograph on the composer, an analysis of his music by musicologist Galliano Ciliberti and the complete works in score format.  Parts for all the music found in this edition are available from Concerto Editions.

Opus 1  Trio Sonatas (10)
Opus 2  Trio Sonatas (10)
Opus 3  Motets for Soprano, Two Violins and Bass (6)
Opus 4  Trio Sonatas (10)
Opus 6  Trio Sonatas (10)
Opus 7  Violin Sonatas (10)
Opus 10 Invenzioni for Violin and Bass (10)
Opus 11 Concerti à 5 for Strings (10)
Opus 12 Serenate e Concertini for Violin and Bass (10)
Two manuscript sonatas for Violin and Bass

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