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I'm a Scottish musicologist and baroque string player by day and a bungy-jumping, volleyball-playing madman by night - well not quite, but you get the idea! I *love* my work, but I also enjoy outdoor pursuits, most sports and (oh no, that one crept up pretty unexpectedly!) gardening... No yawning in the back row!!! Anything else you want to know, just ask.


Concerto Editions was founded in 1997 with the goal of publishing high quality renaissance and baroque music, specializing in works that have never been published or that exist only in hard-to-find, out of print older editions.  All editions are based upon the original manuscripts or period printings.  All editorial suggestions and/or changes from the sources are clearly marked as such.  It is our intention that the performer be presented with music that is as close to the original as possible, but enhanced by modern formatting and printing to facilitate performance.

All Baroque titles and prices shown are for pdf files that can be emailed to you upon receipt of payment via Paypal.  All of the Renaissance titles except for the Morales Officium will continue to be available on paper from Concerto Editions. However, paper versions of every title in this catalogue are available from Prima La Musica!

If you wish to purchase a pdf version of any title, please email, fax or telephone me with your request.  Sample pdf files are available.

If you prefer traditional paper scores and parts, please contact me or Prima la Musica! with your request.  Prices for the music printed and shipped by Prima La Musica! are determined by that company.

Checks must be written on US banks and made out to Maxwell Sobel, not Concerto Editions.  We also accept payment through PayPal.  If you are not familiar with PayPal, please go to their website. If you utilize PayPal, you will arrange to pay them, and they will make payment to me.

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